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Per Call Measurment Data

Hi there,

I was informed earlier when sending a preservation request if you are requesting cell site data you should also ask for PCMD or per call measurement data and evolution data optimized information.

The information I am referring to applies to the Verizon network and can apparently narrow down the location of the handset within the towers radius. I have not seen these records before, but I think they will narrow things down from miles to feet and give a more exact location. Apparently this information rolls off after about 14 days.

The individual I spoke with was a bit frustrated he didn’t know that Verizon had the capability to provide that type of data. I’m sort of happy because I now know. I don’t know that this is any big secret, but I assume there may be other capabilities the service providers have, but they don’t openly talk about?

Does anyone know if other cellular service providers maintain PCMD or EDOI? I saw the word “evolution” and started thinking about Verizon specifically, but it would be nice to know if AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile capture this as well.

How accurate is it?


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